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Nothing assures customer loyalty like an emotional connection and video speaks volumes


Camajam's video merging gives customers a fun way of sending you feedback - all from a mobile


Just send your page link by SMS or email to customers & colleagues and watch as the videos & photos roll in


Instantly merge and share video/photos from customers & colleagues located all over the world

Brand Identity

As a new market offering, Camajam's white-label server is sure to make your company stand out as an innovative agent of change that is willing to push boundaries and adopt new technologies and ideas early.

With your branded Camajam server your company stands out as a trendsetter, giving customers a powerful means of storytelling for the benefit of your business. You can't get more authentic feedback or support that that of your customers. So imagine it being not one but ten in a single video.

Inbound Marketing and Leads

The 'old' ways of outbound marketing and advertising are wasteful and indiscriminate in their targeting. Camajam presents a means of getting direct information requests and product-sensitive information from your customers.

It also sits brilliantly alongside other inbound marketing tools such as Facebook and Instagram marketing. Information flows towards you on your audience's terms, so not only are you generating leads but you are getting immediate feedback from them.


User generated content (UGC) empowers your audience with a view. Camajam gets your audience speaking directly to you, where ever they are with video. This quick turnaround of customer opinion will improve product and service marketing cycles.

It's amazing what you can learn from people if you give them a voice and a face. Camajam does just that. Your own branded server can be up and running in a matter of days ready for your customers to show their brand loyalty.

Two-way Communication

Camajam gives you a fresh way of maintaining a dialogue with your audience, rather than pushing out your latest and greatest ad campaign without getting an immediate understanding of its emotive effectiveness.

Gone are the days of waiting hours to guage customer reaction. With Camajam you can put any audience to work for the benefit of your brand with immediate visual feedback, unfettered and in sync with your requirements for good, honest and timely feedback.

Business Benefit

Get the most out of your media campaigns. Camajam gives a different insight into audience behaviours and attitudes towards products and presents brands with an entirely new way of collating customer feedback, something that is sure to be of an immense advantage to companies.


Maintaining an emotional connection with your customers is key to driving sales. With so much noise out there, multiple brands competing for your audience's attention it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep an audience's interest. Camajam gives you another tool in your arsenal to stand out from the plethora of companies out there trying to get their attention online and offline.

Case Studies


Our client is one of the UK's biggest greyhound tracks. We've put together a social video campaign for them back by Camajam technology. Visitors to the racing venue can film themselves placing bets or watching races when their. These will then be merged to give other visitors a brilliant perspective from fellow guests' viewpoints.
Human Resources (HR)

Our client's HR department were looking for new and exciting ways to introduce new starters to the rest of the organisation. Camajam gave them a dynamic new way to communicate new starter information with short videos of each new starter that was sent out on a monthly basis.


Here are a few examples of industries that can benefit from a Camajam branded micro-site or white-label server. This non-conclusive list of industries gives a brief idea of Camajam's scope of application.

If you have a need for publicity then you can benefit from using Camajam in your marketing toolkit. Get in contact with our sales team today using the details below to find out how Camajam can benefit your business.
* Consumer brands
* Financial services
* Sports and betting
* Media companies
* Online news and magazine companies
* Exhibitions and conferences
* Music venues and live concerts
* Adventure companies
* Gift companies and websites
* Film and video production companies
* Record labels and music publishers

and more!

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