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About Fenestra

Why do the same IT task over and over again when you can automate it? No matter what stage of the infrastructure or platform deployment lifecycle, Fenestra can automate the deployment of any part of the system from provisioning and testing to configuration management and troubleshooting. Fenestra has been used for multiple on-premises and cloud deployments, with some implementations combining both.

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How does it work?

Fenestra is a web-based application and it has the following modules.

- On-premises provisioning
- Cloud provisioning
- Troubleshooting
- Configuration Management

You simply log in to the relevant module, select the type of action to carry out (for example, deploying a new Cisco switch, which would already be on the network but with only a basic configuration), complete the information requested in the web form and click 'Build'. That's it! Fenestra will build the switch according to settings your network team would have specified previously in a configuration template.

Industries Helped

Wifi Networks

We have built automation systems for two key organisations in the mobile telecommunications who have continued to benefit from early incarnations of code that have inspired our flagship automation application.

Airline Logistics

An airline IT infrastructure company's global network required a high level of automation so we developed a bespoke automation platform for them. We also trained senior engineering staff in using the platform.

Data Analysis

Clients in the music and entertainment industries have been able to automate server and application deployments. Clients in the banking and insurance industries have also used our server and application deployment tools.

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